GSD’s touch screen products are custom-dedicated products with stable product performance, high quality, and price competitiveness that inevitably accompany the trend of the times.
We promise to provide a solution that perfectly meets customer needs by preparing a touch-display unit with a new touch screen as well as existing LCD products through optical bonding technology and facilities that have been prepared ambitiously.

GFF P-Cap Touch Panel Structure

  • Available sizes : 4.3″ to 86″
  • Controller type : COF (4.3” to 12.1”), COB (above 13.3”)
  • Options for outdoor : Anti-UV OCA,  Scatter proof film, Ceramic printing, G/G sensor
  • Optical bonding : OCR/OCA for up to 27″ sizes
  • Touch solutions : complete open/closed frame touch monitors with bonding

Product Features

  • Standard 3.5″-86″ PCAP panels with FPC tail
  • Standard 3.5″-12.1″ PCAP panels with COF tail
  • Any size of AG/AR/AF coating glass available
  • Standard anti-UV OCA for GFF, SCA for G/G
  • Standard print: organic, ceramic

Product Specifications

  • Light Transmittance: 90%±3%
  • AG haze: 5±2
  • AG-etching Gloss: 80±10
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C

Optical Bonding

OCR Bonding (Optically Clear Resin)

OCA Bonding (Optically Clear Adhesive)