More Reliable, More innovative

Facilities & Equipment

Clean room &
Air shower booth

  • Total 3 clean rooms (for high brightness & Resized LCD panel)
  • Cleanness class 1,000
  • Clean room control : particle counter, Temp & Humid controller
  • Complete ESD Protection : Conductive floor, Work bench
  • Area 700㎡

Free Flow
conveyor Line

  • Main purpose : to assemble the monitor
  • Item : Standard LCD displays, High brightness display, industrial monitor etc.
  • Area 187㎡
  • Capacity : about 1K pcs monitor per month


  • Humidity test
  • Temperature test

Clean Bench

  • To aseemble the touch screen (such as P-CAP,,,, and so on)
  • To remove dust on displays
  • And so on…..

Burn-in Room

  • Main purpose : reliability test
  • Condition : at 35℃(max. 60℃)
  • Area 700㎡



Optical enhancement

To meet the increasing demand for outdoor display in advertising and industrial market,
GSD has developed high brightness display products with in-house LED backlights and components.

√ Sunlight readable LCD up to 2,000nits
√ GSD’s own unique BLU design to maximize light efficiency and uniformity
√ Reliable proprietary LED driving board & Temperature & brightness control technology
√ Heat dissipation
√ Auto dimming up/down
√ Long life time


Panel resizing

GSD has launched new eye catching displays with innovative panel resizing technology.
It provides ultra wide display as a ne concept of display with space saving and ensures optical visual effects.

√ Customized aspect ratio to meet the various requirements

√ Product lineup to encompass both indoor and outdoor by technology integration

√ Superior yield rate of cutting process and sophisticated reliability


Fast custom design

GSD manufactures and supplies tailored displays for customers who need the customized solutions for design, function, optical appearance, and special options.

√ Customized metal design
√ Rugged enclosure & circuit design
√ Optical bonding
√ Various touch overlays
√ Ruggedizing : Waterproof, Vandal proof


ISO 9001:2008
CE Certification (Only part for reference)

ISO 14001:2015
FCC Certification (Only part for reference)

Promising Export Firm Certificate
by Korean administration

ISO 9001:2015
INNO Biz Certificate by Korean administration